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About The Fund

Confidence in Resurgence

The main objective of the AIGLON REST Bond (ISIN: LU1694781391) is to generate return on investment through three different investment fields: Real Estate, Shipping Industry and Textile Industry.

The Issuer will invest the funds raised in Real Estate Projects. More specifically, the funds will be targeted in northern Greece, Athens, Peloponnese and Lugano Switzerland..

The Issuer will invest in the Shipping Industry. More specifically, the funds will be targeted to the acquisition of four Panamax Vessels, Tanker Vessels and Pleasure Yachts. After reconditioning, these vessels will be used for commercial shipping.

The Issuer will invest the funds raised in the Greek Textile Industry. More specifically, the funds will be injected into the Greek textile company “United Textilesunder a new brand name “Cavalieri del Bello”. The objective is to allow, after restructuring, the restart of the company.


Five trends are set to shape the Global Shipping Industry in the coming years;

  1. The end of Commodity Super Cycle
  2. China Slowdown’s consequences
  3. Lifting of Iranian Sanctions
  4. Improvements in Data Collection and Storage Procedures
  5. Long-term Demographic Shifts
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How We Invest

Confidence in Resurgence

The funds raised by the Issuer of the bonds will be mainly injected into the Greek economy, namely in the restructuring and reopening of a Greek textile company, Hotel and Tourism Real Estate Projects located in Greece and commercial shipping through the purchase of four Panamax Vessels, Tanker Vessels and Pleasure Yachts.

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Real Estate

As the Greek economy begins to make a recovery due to relief in capital controls and debt sustainability measures, the real estate market is set to recover also. 

Real GDP growth is forecasted at 2.7% for 2017 driven by higher liquidity in the corporate sector amid clearance of arrears. This growth shall lead to the gradual relaxation of capital controls over time. Real GDP is expected to continue recovering at a robust pace in 2018, with growth forecast to reach 3.1%. After 7 years of falling real estate value, Greece is getting ready to move into positive territory.


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Hellenic Partners for Reconstruction and Development Ltd manages Aiglon REST Bond

  Aiglon REST Bond is managed from 22 March 2020 by the Cypriot company "Hellenic Partners for Reconstruction and Development Ltd”.  ...

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The Greek Textile Industry can be summarized by the following figures and features:

  • A fully integrated textile chain
  • The stakeholders’ long experience in exports activities
  • Greece is the leading cotton producer of high quality cotton
  • Number of companies (manufacturing): 2,000
  • Number of employees (manufacturing): 35,000
  • Number of employees (Trade): 30,000
  • Value of exports: EUR 1,3 BN
  • % in the manufacturing exports: 18%
  • Turnover: EUR 2,8 BN
  • Retail Sales: EUR 4 BN
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